Endua CEO Paul Sernia and CSIRO lead scientist on hydrogen research Dr Sarb Giddey

New startup to build hydrogen-powered energy storage

CCUS Hydrogen

Australia Endua, a new Australian startup, will construct hydrogen-powered energy storage, with the goal of supplying on-demand, sustainable, reliable, and inexpensive power.

Endua is supported by $5 million in finance, technology, and industry expertise from CSIRO, Australia’s national research agency; Main Sequence, the CSIRO-founded deep tech investment fund; and Ampol, the country’s largest petroleum network. The company was founded using Main Sequence’s venture science methodology, which begins with identifying a global challenge and then brings research and industry together to address it.

Endua’s hydrogen-based technology will enable rural communities, towns, and industries such as mines and remote infrastructure to become self-sufficient from the grid, utilizing only renewables.

Clean power generation and storage

Endua will develop ground-breaking sustainable energy generation and storage in a modular power bank capable of driving power loads of up to 150kW in a single pack. The startup will use CSIRO’s novel electrolysis technology to manufacture hydrogen within the device, utilizing the agency’s pioneering research and experience to store and provide renewable energy at a lower cost than traditional fossil fuel sources such as diesel generators.

As part of its Future Energy and Decarbonization Strategy, Ampol has funded Endua. Ampol will use its industry and customer knowledge to assist develop, test, and commercialize the technology, capitalizing on the growing demand for low-carbon off-grid alternative energy options among its 80,000 B2B clients across the country. Sales will initially focus on the off-grid diesel generator industry, which consumes $1.5 billion in diesel and emits 200,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

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