European partners unite for underground hydrogen storage

Hydrogen Storage

Europe – Eleven European partners have come together to establish the H2eart for Europe initiative. The primary objective of this collaborative effort is to enhance and scale up underground hydrogen storage capabilities across the continent.

The consortium comprises leading entities in the energy sector, including RAG Austria AG, RWE, Gasunie, OMV, Storengy – ENGIE, Uniper, HGS, NAFTA as, VNG Gasspeicher GmbH, Snam SpA, and Teréga. This diverse group aims to spearhead investments dedicated to the expansion of underground hydrogen storage infrastructure. The overarching goal is to introduce greater flexibility into the supply and demand dynamics of hydrogen, fostering a more resilient and adaptive hydrogen ecosystem.

The initiative has garnered support from key organizations, including GIE, Underground Energy Storage Operators, and Hydrogen Europe, further reinforcing its potential impact on the European energy landscape.

Crucial solution

Underground hydrogen storage presents a crucial solution to the intermittency challenges associated with renewable energy sources. By investing in the scaling up of this storage infrastructure, the H2eart for Europe partners envision creating a reservoir of hydrogen that can be readily deployed to balance fluctuations in both supply and demand. The H2eart for Europe initiative is set to kick off with its launch event scheduled for the upcoming week.

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