Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Syd wind farm powers up


Denmark – Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm has successfully supplied its first power to the Danish grid.

The Vesterhav Syd wind farm, comprising 20 wind turbines, witnessed the turning of the blades of the first turbine against the wind, generating fossil-free electricity. The turbines, erected between July and September of this year, represent a collective effort toward achieving Denmark’s renewable energy targets.

Renewable energy narrative

As of the latest update, two turbines from Vesterhav Syd are actively generating electricity, with the remaining 18 expected to be seamlessly connected to the power grid in the coming weeks. Simultaneously, Vattenfall is engaged in the electrical connection works for turbines at the Vesterhav Nord Offshore Wind Farm. Both wind farms are set to achieve full grid connection by the end of the year.

The combined output from the Vesterhav Syd and Nord Offshore Wind Farms is projected to generate fossil-free electricity equivalent to meeting the consumption needs of 350,000 households.

As Vattenfall progresses with the connection of the remaining turbines and completes the electrical works, the Vesterhav Syd and Nord Offshore Wind Farms are poised to play a crucial role in Denmark’s renewable energy narrative.

Wim Raaijen
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