Hexicon and EGI to optimize floating wind farm connections


Sweden – Hexicon and Elia Grid International (EGI) have teamed up to connect Floating Offshore Windfarms (FOW) to the onshore grid on a global scale.

The two firms will work together to develop concepts and projects for integrating large-scale floating offshore wind farms into onshore power systems. The five-year collaboration is divided into two phases, with advanced expertise provided during both the pre-development and development phases of the projects. The construction is scheduled to begin in June 2022.

Floating wind deployment

Integrating traditional offshore wind farms’ energy into the onshore electricity grid is becoming increasingly difficult. An efficient and optimized offshore transmission system is required to make the process easier. This is especially true in FOW because of the technical difficulties. Hexicon and EGI have agreed to pool their resources to develop concepts and projects for a large-scale, commercial deployment of floating offshore wind around the world, as well as to advance offshore wind technology to the next level. They will be able to tap into the enormous untapped potential of floating offshore wind to provide clean energy to millions of households and speed up the energy transition.

The firms will design the power transmission component of floating wind farms and optimize their connection to onshore power systems. EGI and Hexicon hope to turn Floating Offshore Wind into an attractive market for investors by overcoming the technical challenges associated with FOW projects. This will allow the industry to explore deeper waters and take advantage of much stronger winds in order to generate more energy. The Mediterranean, as well as the Baltic and Atlantic Sea basins, are potential cooperating geographies.