ONE-Dyas makes final investment decision for North Sea gas field


The Netherlands – ONE-Dyas has taken a final investment decision for the development of the N05-A gas field in the North Sea with partners EBN and Hansa Hydrocarbons.

Located in the North Sea, between 20 and 100 kilometers north of the mouth of the Ems, the GEMS project includes the development of gas field N05-A. There are 4.5 to 13 billion Nm3 of potential output from the N05-A field and adjacent prospects.

Depending on how far scientists are able to drill, the Dutch-German GEMS field as a whole could have as much as 50 billion Nm3. ONE-Dyas, alongside partners EBN B.V. and Hansa Hydrocarbons, is looking into the potential for gas production in the GEMS area. More than 500 million Euros will be invested as a result of the decision. Since 2000, this has been the most expensive natural gas project in the Netherlands.

Final preparations

Opportunities for nature-friendly building, deeper wind-gas system integration, and other avenues of research and development are being investigated by ONE-Dyas as part of this project. The Dutch government has shown its faith in the importance of this North Sea natural gas by issuing the final permissions. Germany has also publicly declared its support for the initiative. This domestic natural gas will be available to Dutch and German households before the winter of 2024, thanks to the assistance of both countries, and the project is now entering a phase of actual preparations and investments.

Wim Raaijen
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