Feasibility studies awarded for H2opZee hydrogen project


The Netherlands – Siemens Gamesa, H2SEA, and Enersea have been contracted by the H2opZee green hydrogen consortium led by RWE and Neptune Energy to conduct technical feasibility studies for the project.

The businesses will back feasibility studies’ concept engineering efforts. The H2opZee group plans to build a green hydrogen power plant in the North Sea offshore by the year 2030. The goal of the previously disclosed plans is to construct an electrolyzer with a capacity of between 300 and 500 MW in the Dutch North Sea, where renewable hydrogen can be produced using offshore wind.

H2SEA was given responsibility for the offshore platform’s concept design and engineering, while Enersea was given responsibility for the pipeline’s concept design, and Siemens Gamesa was given responsibility for the wind turbine generator systems’ conceptual design.

Staged development

Since its announcement in February, the H2opZee project’s consortium has been hard at work advancing the project’s development objectives. In June of 2022, a joint feasibility study was launched and is expected to last through early summer of 2023. This research is a part of H2opZee’s first phase, in which different technical concepts and potential development sites are being weighed to determine the best way to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen at sea. Pipelines will be used to bring this eco-friendly hydrogen to the coast. The project’s actual execution happens at Stage 2. Currently, there is no established tender process for that stage.

RWE and Neptune Energy will use their own in-house engineering departments to assist with the remaining technical tasks. The consortium is also collaborating with the owners of offshore infrastructure to examine the feasibility of alternative export possibilities through the currently in place pipeline network to shore.

Wim Raaijen
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