Gasunie further explores boost of LNG imports into The Netherlands


The Netherlands – Gasunie is still exploring possibilities for boosting LNG imports into the Netherlands. Further consideration is being given to ways to increase the capacity at Eemshaven and Gate terminal.

A new floating LNG terminal in the port of Terneuzen is not now possible, according to a newly released feasibility study. Gasunie and Vopak collaborate closely on this investigation.

The short-term and temporary LNG import capacity in Terneuzen that was intended to be achieved has proven to be both technically and economically impractical. Therefore, starting the construction of a temporary second terminal is not a prudent move.

Import capacity for LNG

A larger set of suggested actions to expand the Netherlands’ capacity to import LNG includes the investigation of a new floating LNG terminal. This is required to deal with the loss of Russian natural gas and lessen the gas market’s scarcity in Europe.

New initiatives

Gasunie keeps looking at new possibilities for short-term import capacity. For instance, projects to increase the capacity of the LNG terminals in the Netherlands’ Maasvlakte (Gate terminal) and Eemshaven are currently under construction (EemsEnergyTerminal). This could involve a fourth tank at Gate Terminal that could hold 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and at Eemshaven, a technical optimization of the current facility is being looked into. Before the year is over, EemsEnergyTerminal hopes to be able to handle 9 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and then expand to 10 billion cubic meters.

Energy transition

The investments made at Gate Terminal and at Eemshaven are appropriate for the switch to green hydrogen. Along with increasing its ability to import LNG, Gasunie is still working to hasten the energy transition. For instance, by developing a national hydrogen network. Additionally, we are still dedicated to CO2 capture and storage, green gas, and heating through heat networks.

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