Saipem and Alboran to develop green hydrogen in Italy and Mediterranean

Saipem and Alboran build green hydrogen plants in Italy


Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen plan to jointly develop and build five green hydrogen production plants in Italy and the Mediterranean basin.

Saipem will undertake the engineering, procurement and construction of the plants. Alboran Hydrogen will coordinate the technological aspects with the research institutes concerned, as well as of the authorization activities for the development of the plants, and of the supply chain agreements.

The agreement proposes the development and creation of a green hydrogen hub located in Puglia (Italy), through the construction of three plants in the territories of Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia with the participation of the National Energy Technology District, La Sapienza University, the Salento University and the Brindisi Research Center.

The agreement also provides for the development and the construction of two additional plants in the Mediterranean basin, specifically in Albania and Morocco. The latter will concern the production of ammonia from green hydrogen.

Italian green hydrogen strategy

Not so long ago Italy set out guidelines for a national hydrogen strategy to help decarbonize the economy. Green hydrogen will help eliminate the use of fossil fuels in heavy industries and transportation.

A few key private and public stakeholders in Italy are investing in green hydrogen and opportunities may exist for U.S. companies providing related technologies to get involved too.

The Government’s draft document stated that by 2030, hydrogen could make up 2% of Italy’s final energy demand and could help eliminate up to 8 million tons of CO2, with a 20% energy demand coverage possible by 2050.