Enel Green Power and Saras team up to develop green hydrogen


Enel Green Power and Saras have signed a memorandum of intent to establish a green hydrogen project in Sardinia.

The approach being researched includes the use of a 20 MW on-site renewable energy electrolyzer to provide green hydrogen to be used as raw material in the Saras refinery at the Sarroch manufacturing site in the province of Cagliari.

Valuable contributor

In the sense of the energy transition, hydrogen will provide a valuable contribution to the decarbonization of energy-intensive industries such as the chemical, aviation, marine and non-electrified rail transport sectors, providing that it is generated sustainably.

Enel Green Power is committed to promoting and designing initiatives for the development and usage of ‘green’ or ‘renewable’ hydrogen generated by electrolysis of water powered solely by renewable energy. The Group has also started to explore alternative market models, including the supply of renewable hydrogen for decarbonization of manufacturing industries, with collaborations and ventures currently under construction in Chile, Spain, the United States and Italy.

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