Global Energy and ScottishPower deliver green solution at Port of Nigg


ScottishPower, through its newly launched Green Hydrogen Business, has signed an agreement with the Global Energy Group at Port of Nigg to work together to find processes and plants that could be fueled by green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen will be produced at the Nigg site and used to power heavy-duty plants, machinery and vehicles used in day-to-day on-site operations and to power high-temperature, energy-intensive processes such as offshore wind components.

Carbon reduction

The use of green hydrogen-a technology that utilizes energy from renewable sources to create the electricity needed to produce hydrogen-would dramatically minimize carbon emissions at the facility.

The Port of Nigg is the main port of Cromarty Firth in the north-east of Scotland. Renowned for its deep-water quayside, the site has also funded the development of two of Scotland’s biggest offshore wind farms and has recently been awarded the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm, a 1,075 MW offshore wind farm in Firth of Forth, for its marshalling, storage and logistics center.

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