Wärtsilä in Siem Offshore vessels maintenance deal

Wärtsilä in Siem Offshore vessels maintenance deal


Finnish tech company Wärtsilä has signed a Wärtsilä Optimized Maintenance Agreement covering two offshore Well Intervention vessels owned by Siem Offshore.

The two vessels, the Siem Helix 1 and Siem Helix 2, each operate with eight Wärtsilä 32 engines.

The five-year agreement will ensure the optimal maintenance required to reduce the vessels’ fuel consumption and emissions.

The deal also covers the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions-abatement systems installed with the engines.

Wärtsilä’s solution

Included in the agreement is Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight predictive maintenance solution. Expert Insight is a service that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real-time, spot anomalies, foresee potential problems, and enable rapid reaction accordingly.

Also included is Wärtsilä’s Data Driven Maintenance concept and Wärtsilä connectivity solution with enhanced cyber security.

The Data Driven Maintenance enables the ships’ crews to conduct condition inspections using borescope optical instruments.

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