GEV starts development of pilot hydrogen ship

GEV starts development of pilot hydrogen ship


AustraliaGlobal Energy Ventures (GEV) has started the development of a pilot-scale C-H2 Ship with a cargo capacity of 430 tonnes of hydrogen.

The 4.3-tonne capacity C-H2 Ship is leveraging the design and approvals of the 2,000-tonne capacity ship in March 2021. While achieving AIP remains a tough procedure, it will save time and money to the plan by achieving AIP by the end of Q3 2021, and Full Class Approvals by late 2022. The proprietary design for the hydrogen containment system is made up of two huge 12 meter diameter tanks, which are housed within the hull of the ship, having a combined capacity of 430 tonnes of hydrogen.

Storing hydrogen

One of the most important factors to consider when building a steel tank for storing hydrogen is that the hydrogen molecule is so small that it can enter the steel’s molecular structure and induce embrittlement over time. Embrittlement is controlled in our design by including a liner, such as stainless steel, that protects the steel structure from hydrogen degradation. The cargo tanks will be built with a stainless steel liner surrounded by various high-strength steel layers. These elements combine to form a huge tank with high safety margins and a low cost of production.

Electric drive is assisted by hydrogen fuel cells and the rapid advances in mixed generation. Zero-carbon shipping with the help of hydrogen from the tanks. C-H2 will have dynamic positioning for quick connection and detachment of near-shore buoys.