Eni-Sonatrach collaboration on oil & gas and renewables

Eni-Sonatrach collaboration on oil & gas and renewables

Hydrogen Oil&Gas Renewables

Italy Eni and Sonatrach have signed various agreements in the exploration and production, research and development, decarbonization and training fields.

Oil and gas

The first agreement aims to implement an ambitious program for the relaunch of exploration and development activities in the Berkine basin region and provides for the creation of a gas and crude oil development hub through a synergy with existing MLE-CAFC installations. This agreement is part of the process for the finalization of a new hydrocarbon contract in the basin, under the aegis of the new Algerian oil law which came into force in December 2019.

Renewable energy

Claudio Descalzi, Eni CEO, and Toufik Hakkar, the President and General Manager Sonatrach, also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the partnership in the new technologies sector, with a focus on renewable energy, biofuels and hydrogen. This agreement aims to strengthen the cooperation already in place between the two companies in the technological field and continue the decarbonization path undertaken to support the transition towards a low carbon future.

Training field

Furthermore, the companies have agreed to collaborate in other sectors such as staff training, through the signing of an agreement that provides for cooperation between Eni Corporate University and the Institut Algerien du Petrole for the implementation of training programs in the Upstream and new technologies related to the energy transition fields.

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