Finish companies explore industrial hydrogen valley creation


Finland – Neste Corporation, Gasgrid Finland, Helen, and Vantaa Energy have begun exploratory research on the creation of an industrial hydrogen valley in Finland’s Uusimaa region.

This collaborative endeavor is a step in the right direction for Finland’s pursuit of a leading hydrogen economy in Europe that supports both Finland’s and Europe’s ambitions for carbon neutrality while opening up prospects for industrial investment.

Infrastructure, renewable hydrogen storage, and transmission would all be combined in the industrial hydrogen valley, which would serve both hydrogen producers and consumers. Opportunities for sector integration are another important component of the studies. Significant amounts of renewable heat are produced in connection with the production of renewable hydrogen, and this heat can be used for district heating.

Hydrogen economy growth

As noted in the national resolution on hydrogen approved by the Finnish Government in February 2023, corporate cooperation is crucial to the growth of the hydrogen economy in Finland.

Cost-effective technologies for hydrogen transport and storage are required for the Finnish hydrogen economy to compete on a global scale. The initial stages in creating a viable hydrogen market will be to assess the viability of various hydrogen transmission and storage systems. A competitive hydrogen market is developing as a result of the development of hydrogen transmission infrastructure.