Kazakhstan gets 30 gigawatt green hydrogen plant


Germany/Kazakhstan – German investor and project developer Svevind Energy and Kazakh Invest National Company have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding Svevind’s plan to develop and realise mega-sized facilities for producing green hydrogen. Svevind plans to do so by utilising the vast resources of wind and solar power in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Svevind plans to install wind and solar farms with a total capacity of 45 gigawatt (GW). This will be in mainly steppe areas in Western and Central Kazakhstan. The green electricity will feed 30 GW of electrolysers to produce about three million tonnes of green hydrogen every year. The green hydrogen can be exported directly to the ever-growing Eurasian markets. Or used locally to produce high-value green products, like ammonia, steel or aluminium.


The overall development, engineering, procurement and financing phases will take about three to five years. Construction and commissioning phases might take approximately five years. That means that the green hydrogen will be available approximately in 2030.

Kazakh Invest is a national investment promotion agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.