Dutch consortium to produce green hydrogen at Groningen Airport Eelde


The Netherlands – The northern Dutch consortium will produce green hydrogen at Groningen Airport Eelde to power light aircraft, drones, and ground equipment.

The WAviatER project is a collaboration between northern Dutch businesses and academic institutions that aims to bring industrial electrolyser production to the Netherlands. The European Regional Development Fund recently announced that the partnership will receive € 3.5 million (ERDF).

The WAviatER project now has access to a 22MW solar park at the airport for the purpose of producing green hydrogen.

Airport installation

Groningen Airport Eelde’s cell produces hydrogen and oxygen by using green electricity. Platinum, iridium, and palladium are not used in the project. Reducing the cost of green hydrogen production is an important objective of the project.

To begin the Groningen Airport Eelde installation in October 2023, the project must be completed first. In this project, the green hydrogen generated is primarily intended for use on-site.