Dutch Tata Steel and Ford provide green steel to Zeremis


The Netherlands – Tata Steel Netherlands has secured an agreement with Ford Europe to provide green steel to Zeremis.

As soon as the IJmuiden steel factory switches to producing steel using green hydrogen, which is more sustainable and environmentally benign than the current approach, the deliveries will begin.

In order for Ford to meet its 2035 carbon neutrality target, it will need to be able to purchase more environmentally favorable steel. Given that Ford is already concentrating on using low-carbon steel in its all-new all-electric mid-size crossover, which will begin production in Europe in 2023, Ford and Tata Steel want to investigate potential for other green steel products.

Growing demand

Steel, which can be found in hundreds of different kinds, makes up more than half of the average car’s weight. All variants differ in terms of strength, weight, formability, magnetic properties, and coating kinds.

To improve safety, the environment, and aesthetics, steel is always being made stronger, lighter, and smoother. Additionally, as demand for electric vehicles grows, so do the steel specifications for automakers and the concepts for car design.

Wim Raaijen
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