AdvancedH2Valley consortium gets green hydrogen grant in France


France – AdvancedH2Valley consortium has secured 8.9 million euros grant from the European Commission to pioneer a green hydrogen initiative in Western France.

The project is nestled in the French Loire Valley. By harnessing the power of green hydrogen, the consortium aims to mitigate carbon emissions, foster energy sustainability, and propel Western France to the forefront of renewable energy innovation.

AdvancedH2Valley plans to introduce cutting-edge production capacities, including the deployment of hydrogen trucks, maritime applications, and light commercial vehicles. By leveraging advanced processes, the project anticipates generating over 1,600 tons of green and renewable hydrogen annually by 2028.

Infrastructure Expansion: Fueling the Hydrogen Ecosystem

Aligned with the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, AdvancedH2Valley aims to establish two new public Hydrogen Refueling Stations, complementing the existing network of five stations. This expansion, coupled with a tailored supply chain, promises to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technology, driving sustainable mobility and fostering economic growth.

Community integration

Beyond its environmental objectives, AdvancedH2Valley aspires to be a catalyst for community engagement, forging partnerships and fostering knowledge-sharing among neighboring regions.

Led by a consortium of 18 esteemed members, including Lhyfe, Teréga Solutions, and Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation, AdvancedH2Valley represents a collaborative effort to drive change in the energy landscape.