AAK partners with McPhy for sustainable hydrogen solutions


Sweden – McPhy Energy has secured a firm contract to supply electrolyzer technology to AAK, a player in the global food oil processing industry based in Sweden.

The primary goal of the contract between McPhy Energy and AAK is to enable the latter to modernize its manufacturing infrastructure in Sweden by deploying the McLyzer 800-30 electrolyzer with a capacity of 4 MW. This advanced electrolyzer technology will facilitate the production of low-carbon hydrogen, which will serve as a crucial process gas in AAK’s operations. By transitioning to clean hydrogen, AAK aims to achieve uninterrupted supply while reducing its CO2 emissions, thus aligning with its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The electrolyzer

The McLyzer 800-30 electrolyzer, developed by McPhy Energy, represents a solution for on-site hydrogen generation. This electrolyzer is well-suited for industrial applications, offering reliable performance and seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes. The McLyzer 800-30 enables the production of hydrogen from water using renewable energy sources, contributing to the decarbonization of industrial operations.

The deployment of McPhy’s electrolyzer technology at AAK’s manufacturing plant signifies a step towards reducing carbon emissions in the food oil processing industry.