German states team up on developing hydrogen technology


Germany – The German states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria have teamed up to advance environmentally friendly hydrogen technology.

Both states have ambitious plans to lead the way in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies on a national and global scale. The goal of the hydrogen alliance between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg is to progress joint projects in the fields of product and manufacturing technologies for electrolyser components.

Joint industrial collaboration is being explored further, as is cooperation in the planning of a supra-regional hydrogen filling station network.

Hydrogen policy

A Hydrogen Roadmap was in the works for Baden-Württemberg as early as December of 2020. As a pioneer in academia and industry, Baden-Württemberg is also at the forefront of technological innovation. The project could receive up to 500 million euros in funding over the next few years.

Even before the federal government and the Zentrum Wasserstoff, Bavaria acknowledged the difficulties and settled on its own hydrogen policy in May 2020. The city of Bayern (H2. B) and the Hydrogen Alliance it hosts have established a central hub for the state of Bavaria’s emerging hydrogen economy.

Wim Raaijen
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