RES Spa’s €8M loan powers plastics recycling hub

Circular economy

Italy – RES Spa has secured an €8 million loan from Banco BPM Spa to fund the construction of a state-of-the-art plastics recycling plant.

The project, situated in Pettoranello, Isernia, aims to establish an integrated center dedicated to the efficient sorting and recycling of plastics, ultimately contributing to the circular economy’s core principle of waste elimination.

The loan will specifically finance the construction of a plastics push sorting plant, capable of treating 40,000 tons per year, and a PET and HDPE washing and granulation plant with an annual capacity of approximately 10,400 tons. This marks the initial phase of a broader initiative to create the first integrated center for the comprehensive recovery and processing of plastics.

The ultimate goal is to leverage both mechanical and chemical recycling techniques, including pyrolysis, to transform plastic waste into secondary raw materials and pyrolytic oil. By doing so, RES Spa aims to contribute significantly to the circular economy’s principle of achieving zero waste.

Mechanical and chemical recycling unite

The project’s technological approach involves a two-fold strategy: mechanical recycling for the efficient sorting and processing of plastics and chemical recycling, particularly through pyrolysis. Pyrolysis, a process involving the decomposition of materials at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, holds the key to transforming plastics into valuable pyrolytic oil.

Wim Raaijen
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