Leipzig startup transforms CO₂ into green chemicals with patented plasma tech


Germany – Halting further global warming requires not only significant reductions in CO2 emissions but also the removal of substantial greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Leipzig-based startup enaDyne made an innovative and versatile solution with its proprietary plasma catalysis technology.

Revolutionary Ceramics at the Core

enaDyne’s primary objective, in addition to CO2 recycling, is to establish a closed-loop economy capable of decarbonizing the chemical industry, eliminating the need for oil and gas as primary resources for carbon-based chemicals.

Central to enaDyne’s innovation is a non-thermal plasma catalysis reactor. This technology extracts C1 to C4 hydrocarbons from CO2 and a hydrogen source, such as green methane. These hydrocarbons can then be employed to produce sustainable fuels and base chemicals. The key game-changer here is a patented ceramic material used as an active electrode in enaDyne’s reactors. This ceramic substantially reduces energy consumption, enhances plasma controllability, and enables versatile deployment of the reactors across various applications. In modular container systems, the technology can efficiently produce green methanol or formaldehyde wherever CO2 is generated, whether in biogas plants or industrial point sources.

Awards and Industry Demand

enaDyne’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, it was selected by the City of New York’s Urban Future Lab for participation in the Carbon to Value Initiative, beating out 161 applicants from 26 countries. In June, the company secured the IQ Innovation Award for Central Germany and the Cluster Award for Chemistry. The surge in industry demand further validates enaDyne’s approach to finding solutions.