Tata Steel gets India’s first blast furnace carbon capture plant


India – Carbon Clean, a leader in cost-effective carbon dioxide capture and separation technology, has successfully constructed and commissioned India’s first carbon capture plant for a blast furnace for Tata Steel.

Carbon Clean’s technology is now being exhibited at Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur steel facility in India, where it is capable of capturing five tonnes of CO2 each day. The modular skid-mounted machine recovers CO2 directly from blast furnace gas for on-site reuse in a range of applications. The depleted CO2 gas is again reintroduced into the gas network, this time with a higher calorific value.

5 tonnes per day

The Tata Steel Jamshedpur unit is the first of its kind in the steel industry due to the 5 tonnes per day carbon capture plant and its semi-commercial application within the steel value chain.

Tata Steel aspires to be an industry leader in sustainability by lowering its CO2 emissions and freshwater consumption, building sustainable supply chains, and contributing to the future circular economy. The corporation is pursuing both carbon reduction and carbon capture and utilization in order to meet its decarbonisation target.