Paebbl transforms carbon capture with mineralization technology


The Netherlands – Dutch-Scandinavian startup Paebbl emerges as a transformative force in the realm of carbon capture. With a pioneering method that defies the natural timeline, Paebbl has cracked the code to expedite the mineralization of carbon dioxide, achieving in a single hour what nature takes centuries to accomplish.

The impact of this innovation extends beyond rapid carbon sequestration; it fuels the creation of carbon-negative raw materials for essential industries like paper and concrete production.

The heart of Paebbl’s innovation lies in its ability to harness Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) with unmatched efficiency. By amalgamating captured carbon dioxide with minerals, Paebbl orchestrates a chemical symphony that yields a versatile raw material. Unlike conventional methods, Paebbl’s approach demands minimal energy consumption, yielding carbon-negative materials that permanently entrap CO2 emissions.

This ingenious process is underpinned by two decades of rigorous scientific research. The results speak for themselves: Paebbl’s technology has the power to accelerate natural geological processes by a staggering factor of over a million. The implications are profound, offering a viable avenue to address one of the most significant contributors to global CO2 emissions—concrete production.

Carbon emissions in construction

The construction industry’s reliance on cement, responsible for approximately 8% of total CO2 emissions through the consumption of four billion tons annually, is a pressing environmental concern. Paebbl’s transformative potential lies in its ability to disrupt this cycle. The startup’s accelerated mineralization technique paves the way for revolutionary carbon-negative cement, a cornerstone of construction that carries a dual carbon advantage. Not only does this innovation drastically reduce carbon emissions by replacing conventional cement with carbon-negative alternatives, but it also ensures the permanent capture of CO2 in the process.

Financial support

Dutch scientist Pol Knops stands as one of the visionary founders behind Paebbl. With unwavering commitment to scientific excellence, Knops and his team have unlocked a pathway that transcends the limits of traditional carbon capture methods. Paebbl’s recent infusion of €8 million investment underscores the collective belief in this groundbreaking technology. This capital injection propels Paebbl’s research facility in Rotterdam, enabling the pursuit of a groundbreaking recipe for carbon-negative cement and various other applications.

Ushering in carbon-negative era

As humanity navigates the complexities of a climate-conscious future, Paebbl’s breakthrough mineralization technology emerges as a beacon of hope. It presents a tangible solution to the global challenge of carbon emissions, offering a bridge between industrial progress and environmental preservation. With the potential to revolutionize concrete production, Paebbl’s innovation reverberates across industries, demonstrating that carbon capture can be accelerated, harnessed, and leveraged for the betterment of the planet and its inhabitants.