Ørsted’s carbon capture initiative transforms district heating


Denmark – Ørsted is spearheading a transformative project to harness surplus heat from carbon capture at Avedøre Power Station in Denmark.

This innovative endeavor aims to provide sustainable district heating to thousands of households in the Greater Copenhagen area, marking a significant step towards decarbonizing heat production and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The primary goal of Ørsted’s initiative is to integrate carbon capture technology with heat generation to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. By capturing surplus heat from the carbon capture process at Avedøre Power Station, Ørsted seeks to utilize renewable energy sources to provide cost-effective and green district heating solutions to local communities.

Utilizing straw to produce heat

The carbon capture plant at Avedøre Power Station is designed to capture 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually from its straw-fired unit. Utilizing locally sourced straw to produce heat and power, the plant employs advanced carbon capture technology to capture and store biogenic carbon emissions. The surplus heat generated during the carbon capture process, along with heat recovered from flue gas condensation, is upgraded using heat pumps to provide district heating to households in the Greater Copenhagen area.