Gore Street buys construction-ready energy storage project in UK


United KingdomIn Leicester, England, Gore Street has acquired a 57MW construction-ready energy storage project.

The company’s portfolio currently includes 577MW of operating or under construction projects in the United Kingdom and Ireland as a result of this transaction.

The project consists of a 57MW energy storage system near Leicester, for which all land rights, grid connections, and planning permissions have already been obtained. The project is currently slated to become live in 2023. It will be linked to National Grid’s main transmission network rather than the local distribution network, removing the need for an intermediary distribution network operator. ​

Increasing worldwide presence

As a result, and as previously disclosed, the company has increased its coverage of the North American and Western European storage markets during the last year, in addition to its UK pipeline and assets in the Republic of Ireland. These are markets that are just starting to grow, have less rivalry, and can provide complementary and diverse revenue streams to the company’s existing asset portfolio.

In total, the company now has more than 1.0GW / 2.5GWh in its pipeline, including a 2GWh active pipeline in North America and Western Europe, of which 160MWh is now under exclusivity.

Wim Raaijen
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