Aker Solutions secures FEED contract for Oslo’s CO2 terminal


Norway – Aker Solutions has secured a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract from Hafslund Oslo Celsio (Celsio) to develop a CO2 terminal at the port of Oslo, Norway.

This strategic initiative aligns with Celsio’s broader Oslo CCS project, aiming to reduce carbon emissions from the waste-to-energy plant at Klemetsrud, Oslo. The terminal, designed for intermediate storage and efficient export to ships, marks a significant leap in Norway’s pursuit of carbon-neutral solutions.

By establishing a transitional CO2 storage facility at the port of Oslo, Aker Solutions aims to facilitate the loading and transportation of captured CO2 to the Northern Lights terminal at Øygarden on the west coast of Norway. This move is a crucial component of Longship, the Norwegian Government’s ambitious carbon capture and storage project.

Key link

The CO2 terminal will serve as a key link, connecting the waste-to-energy facility at Klemetsrud to the larger Northern Lights storage infrastructure. The initiative not only addresses the emissions from waste incineration but also aligns with the broader goals of the European waste-to-energy industry.

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