Shell’s Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil for Deutsche Bahn’s rail applications


Germany – Shell provides Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national railway company, for non-electrified rail applications.

The Sylt Shuttle train, one of Germany’s most well-known and picturesque train routes, served as the catalyst for this. This significant accomplishment highlights how crucial it is for current modes of transportation to achieve significant decarbonization through clean HVO channels.

Additionally, Shell is collaborating with Volkswagen, Bosch, and other partners to produce R33 Blue Diesel and Blue Gasoline that is low-carbon and renewable for use in current vehicles. In order to guarantee a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 20% per kilometer driven and with compensation for remaining emissions, Shell blends both fuels with up to 33 percent renewable content.

Renewable fuels

R33 Blue Diesel is a premium diesel that complies with Europe’s EN 590 diesel fuel standard and contains up to 33 percent renewable content. It helps consumers reduce their CO2 emissions and meet their carbon reduction goals while being technically equivalent to a standard diesel fuel that is compatible with conventional drivetrains and existing refueling infrastructure. In Germany, there are already more than 10 public R33 Blue Diesel filling stations, providing the general public with access to high-quality sustainable fuels.

Blue Gasoline satisfies the EN 228/E10 standard for Europe and surpasses it in regards to factors like storage stability and distillation behavior. Therefore, the fuel is especially well suited for use in plug-in hybrid cars. The ADAC GT Masters has recently started using Blue Gasoline 98 GT Masters for the German GT Championship in order to round out its selection of renewable fuels. About 50% of the components in this inventive, novel product are sustainable. With the new fuel, ADAC GT Masters and Shell are significantly enhancing carbon reduction in motorsports.

HVO, R33 Blue Diesel, and Shell Blue Gasoline are readily available for immediate application. Shell is aware that a wide range of cleaner energy solutions are required across the many forms of transportation. Since 2018, approximately 500 million kilometers have been traveled by vehicles using the aforementioned renewable fuels in various industries and applications.