Port of Hamburg sets sail for greener, sustainable future

Sustainable energy

Germany – Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Hamburger Energiewerke (HEnW) have joined forces to establish “Erneuerbare Hafenenergie Hamburg GmbH,” a joint venture aimed at accelerating the decarbonization of the Port of Hamburg.

This collaboration signifies a commitment to expanding renewable energies, including photovoltaics (PV) and wind power, within the port area while developing innovative energy solutions.

The equal partnership in Erneuerbare Hafenenergie Hamburg GmbH capitalizes on the distinct strengths of both municipal companies. HPA, responsible for port area management and development, brings expertise in electricity procurement, while HEnW contributes experience in planning, constructing, and operating renewable energy plants, coupled with proficiency in the energy industry.

The joint venture kicks off with feasibility tests for specific projects, holding a combined potential of around 70 megawatts. These initiatives focus on maximizing the utilization of untapped areas within the port, exploring the feasibility of ground-mounted PV systems and wind turbines. Continuous assessments will identify additional expansion areas, ensuring a sustained commitment to decarbonization.


The initiative aims to progressively meet the port’s energy needs through local energy production. Utilizing previously unused areas, such as rooftops and peripheries, presents an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to decarbonization.

The establishment of Erneuerbare Hafenenergie Hamburg GmbH, scheduled for spring pending a positive audit result, marks a pivotal moment in Hamburg’s journey towards sustainable energy. The open-field PV systems and wind turbines are poised to supply green port electricity to HPA and port companies. HEnW’s role in guaranteeing the operation of these systems and processing the generated renewable electricity reinforces the commitment to a cleaner, greener port.

Wim Raaijen
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