New Dutch campaign to reduce CO2 emissions in shipping

Sustainable energy

The Netherlands – The fuel choice of the container shipping company is typically not greatly influenced by businesses who import or export their freight via vessel. In order for businesses to have some or all of their sea freight transported using sustainable fuel, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and GoodShipping are collaborating on a campaign to educate them about the “insetting” idea.

The “Switch to Zero” campaign seeks to enlist the support of about twenty marine freight companies. The first companies to declare their involvement in this initiative are Swinkels Family Brewers and Dille & Kamille, makers of popular brands including Bavaria and Cornet. Next year, they will have some or all of their containers carried using green fuel.

By using sustainable fuels to ship, insetting does not necessitate accomplishing carbon reductions through compensation (offsetting, for example, by planting trees). Shippers can use insetting to purchase a specific amount of carbon reduction via GoodShipping and frequently transport small numbers of containers on various vessels. By providing a ship with sustainable fuel, GoodShipping makes sure that this is accomplished. It is not necessary for this to be the same ship carrying the containers.

Attracting businesses

GoodShipping and the Port of Rotterdam Authority want to find about twenty new sea freight shipping companies that are interested in using this service as part of their initiative to promote CO2 savings in the logistics industry. The program makes it simple to participate and contribute in real ways to cutting carbon emissions. The goal is to reduce the amount of carbon discharged into the atmosphere by 2023 tonnes by collaborative vessel bunkering with these shippers. Comparable carbon emissions occur when moving approximately 15,000 TEU containers from Rotterdam to Gothenburg.

Dille & Kamille and Swinkels Family Brewers have already signed up for the GoodShipping and Port of Rotterdam Authority campaign to enlist about twenty shippers, which begins on 5 December. Companies that participate can choose to reduce their carbon emissions by 75, 100, or 125 tonnes. To encourage businesses to learn more about this strategy, GoodShipping and the Port Authority are providing a sizable discount per tonne carbon reduction.

While contributing to about 3% of the world’s carbon emissions, shipping is a complex industry that has long been excluded from global climate agreements. Because businesses frequently only ship a small number of containers on a vessel, the supply chain is also disjointed.