Wärtsilä drives decarbonization in collaboration with Maersk

Sustainable energy

Finland – Wärtsilä has joined as an official Mission Ambassador, further solidifying its continuing project relationship with the Maersk McKinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.

The non-profit research and development facility aims to hasten the maritime industry’s transition to a net-zero future. The Center promotes and encourages the development and application of new technologies while fostering trust in novel ideas and mature, effective strategic approaches to bring about the required systemic and regulatory reforms.

NoGAPS project

Wärtsilä and the Center previously collaborated on the NoGAPS project to create a Nordic-based design for an ammonia-powered gas carrier vessel. Ammonia would be used as a zero-emission fuel and transported aboard the ship as cargo. In the follow-up NoGAPS 2 project, where the present goal is to build the ship design for this vessel, the company continues its effort. Within 2022, a preliminary design package is anticipated to be completed.

Around 300 million tons of fuel are used annually by 100,000 commercial ships worldwide, accounting for around 3% of total carbon emissions. The Center is dedicated to advancing the maritime sector’s sustainable decarbonization by 2050 through cooperation, applied research, and regulatory change.