Van Oord, Ansys work on sustainable offshore wind turbines design


The NetherlandsVan Oord is working with Ansys to speed environmental sustainability while expediting new product designs for the offshore wind turbines.

Ansys is aiding Van Oord engineers in their development of wind turbine foundations, helping them increase product quality and deliver new innovations to market faster.

Designing wind turbine foundations typically requires Van Oord engineers to invest considerable time developing numerous complex, dynamic analysis finite element models. To accelerate and optimize the simulation process, Van Oord’s engineering team worked with Ansys channel partner Infinite Simulation Systems to harness Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Cloud, which spurred design optimization, shortened product development timelines and boosted the efficiency of next-gen offshore wind turbines.

Enhancing fabrication

Leveraging Mechanical and Ansys Cloud empowers Van Oord engineers to rapidly run 5x more design iterations on Cloud to predict the performance of advanced wind turbine foundations and enhance the fabrication processes while reducing project risks and speeding supply chain negotiations. As a result, simulations that required a week to run on multiple costly workstations now run overnight, delivering a 7x improvement in time savings, while greatly decreasing risk of production delay.

“Ansys is proud to join forces with Van Oord engineers to fast-track their R&D efforts and help achieve their sustainability goals by creating highly efficient offshore wind turbine foundations that deliver renewable energy to millions of households worldwide,” said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president at Ansys.

Wim Raaijen
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