Norway's largest pension company

€200M investment in green energy


Norway KLP, Norway’s largest pension company, has partnered with leading international asset manager Macquarie Asset Management to finance green infrastructure projects.

In creating the strategy for these green infrastructure investments, Macquarie Asset Management and KLP had a strong alignment of interests. KLP will be able to invest in green loans thanks to its cooperation with Macquarie Asset Management.

€200 million green energy investments

The platform will focus on debt asset investments in the solar, wind, hydropower, and sustainable energy storage sectors. KLP has pledged €200 million. A structure has been designed to allow the platform to demonstrate that its investments contribute to the accomplishment of international climate targets in a verifiable manner.

KLP has for several years had a goal to increase its climate friendly investments, with six billion kroner in investments made each year. In 2020, these investments increased to 8.8 billion kroner. The investments made in partnership with Macquarie Asset Management will form part of these allocations.

KLP has set a target to grow its climate-friendly investments for several years, with six billion kroner invested per year. These investments are expected to reach 8.8 billion kroner by 2020. These allocations will include investments made in collaboration with Macquarie Asset Management.