SolarDuck offshore floating solar tech for Hollandse Kust West VII


The Netherlands – SolarDuck was selected as the exclusive provider of offshore floating solar (OFS) technology with integrated energy storage in RWE’s bid for the offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust West VII, following the collaboration agreement inked between SolarDuck and RWE in July this year.

The successful offer will now result in the construction of a large-scale hybrid OFS power plant. By completing this project, SolarDuck will be able to scale faster, realize the corresponding cost savings, and ultimately expedite commercial initiatives at the grid scale.

Hybrid OFS

Hybrid offshore wind and OFS projects have the potential to hasten the widespread use of OFS. Wind and solar resource complementarities, as well as making greater use of existing infrastructure and ocean space, will promote the rise of hybrid OFS projects. As a result, SolarDuck can have a greater influence on decarbonizing the world, especially in sunny locations where land is rare.

The HKW VII wind farm, with a capacity of 700MW, is one of two wind farms set to go operational by 2026. The wind farm lies around 28.6 nautical miles (53 kilometers) off the coast of the Netherlands.