New European wind turbines warehouse at Danish port


Denmark Vattenfall is constructing Northern Europe’s largest warehouse for crucial main components and spare parts for wind turbines.

When completed in 2022, the warehouse will be located in the Danish port of Esbjerg and will serve wind farms in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe.

The development of a new, huge warehouse facility at the Port of Esbjerg will begin soon, with Vattenfall establishing a 2,100 sqm interior warehouse and an 8,200 sqm outdoor storage facility.

Central warehouse for Northern Europe projects

The majority of Vattenfall’s wind farms in Northern Europe will be supplied with critical main components such as gearboxes, generators, transformers, shafts, and blades, as well as the main components required for bringing the electricity on shore such as array cables and switchgear, from this central warehouse facility in Esbjerg. The warehouse will function as an addition to the dedicated warehouses that will continue to support the various wind farms.

Esbjerg – the hub for central warehouse

Vattenfall operates about 1,300 onshore and offshore wind turbines in Northern Europe, spanning farms from Northern Sweden to Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. Already, the farms are monitored from Vattenfall’s local control center in Esbjerg, and the town will be the hub for a central warehouse for these wind farms in the future.

The construction work will begin at the end of June this year and is estimated to take ten months to finish. Following that, the warehouse must be stocked and ready for operation in June 2022.