Offshore wind farms get greener with solar power integration


The Netherlands – Led by Oceans of Energy and involving 15 leading partners, European project BAMBOO will develop large-scale, standardized offshore solar farms capable of generating gigawatts of clean power.

Current offshore wind farms leave valuable space untapped, a problem BAMBOO plans to solve. By integrating standardized 150-MW solar farms within existing wind farms, the project leverages the vast potential of the ocean, maximizing energy output and optimizing land use. BAMBOO project will conduct extensive research on environmental impact, developing strategies for nature enhancement and responsible end-of-life management.

Oceans of Energy, a pioneer in offshore solar, spearheads BAMBOO. They’ve partnered with technology developers, consultancies, testing labs, and even a potential client, Vattenfall, showcasing a united front for clean energy innovation.

From pilot to gigawatt-scale

The project aims to mature the technology and secure funding for the first-of-its-kind 100-200 MW solar farm within a Vattenfall wind farm by 2030. This pilot paves the way for gigawatt-scale deployment, significantly boosting Europe’s energy independence and sustainability.

By optimizing grid connection and minimizing onshore infrastructure, BAMBOO promises reduced overall energy system investments. Additionally, larger solar farms reduce their environmental impact per unit of energy generated. BAMBOO plays a crucial role in setting international standards for offshore solar technology. Tests conducted at leading facilities will inform standardization and guide future development.