GE’s Cypress onshore wind turbine for Dutch Windplan Groen project


The NetherlandsWindkoepel Groen has chosen GE Renewable Energy to repower a portion of the Windplan Groen project in the Dutch province of Flevoland.

Repowering entails either replacing older units with new, higher-capacity turbines or retrofitting them with more efficient components, resulting in significant increases in wind farm production while extending the life of the wind farm in both cases.

GE will provide 26 Cypress 6.0-164 onshore wind turbines to three wind parks (Ansjovisstroom, Hanze, and XY Wind) with a total installed capacity of 156 MW as part of this repowering project. In 2023, the three parks are expected to be completed. A 25-year full-service contract is also included in the agreement.

Windplan Groen project

The Windplan Groen project in Flevoland province is managed by Windkoepel Groen, a collaboration between local residents and entrepreneurs. More than 400 farmers and residents are actively involved in the project’s development. Windplan Groen is the Netherlands’ largest onshore wind farm in terms of production and installed capacity, with 90 wind turbines spread across 11 wind parks and a capacity of 500 MW. The project contributes significantly to the Netherlands’ national goal of 16 percent sustainable energy by 2023. The annual output of Windplan Groen will be around 1.9 billion kilowatt hours (kWh).

The 6.0-164 turbine is the most recent and powerful model in GE’s Cypress platform portfolio, which also includes the 5.5-158, 5.3-158, and 4.8-158 turbines. Compared to the 5.3-158 model, the Cypress 6.0-164 model increases Annual Energy Production (AEP) by up to 11%. The 6.0-164 turbine can generate enough electricity to power about 5,800 European homes. GE Renewable Energy has received over 6.8 GW of orders for its Cypress turbines since its launch in multiple countries around the world.