Enel Green Power accelerate energy transition in Italy


Italy Enel Green Power launches “Scelta Rinnovabile” (Renewable Choice), an online crowd funding initiative that allows all citizens to participate in the investment to build new renewable plants in Italy, in order to support the country’s energy transition to more sustainable energy sources, while also directly involving the local communities that host the plants.

It is possible to gain cash rewards over time by participating in the effort and donating to the online crowd sourcing. The purpose of Enel Green Power is to share the benefits of having a renewable plant in the area with the local community. Citizens living in municipalities where the Enel Green Power plant is being built will have an opportunity to join Scelta Rinnovabile before everyone else and benefit from a more favorable return rate on the funding.

Enel Green Power established the program in Italy for the first time, with a financing initiative for the construction of a solar photovoltaic plant in Poggio Renatico, Emilia-Romagna.

Enel Green Power is constructing a 17-MW plant in the Emilia-Romagna municipality, which will help avoid more than 11,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere each year and provide renewable electricity to more than 8,300 people.

Residents of the Municipality of Poggio Renatico will be granted a unique two-week opportunity to participate in the crowd financing campaign, as well as a greater return rate on investment. Following the exclusive period, the fundraising drive will be open for another month to any Italian citizens who wish to participate in the project.

Following the exclusive period for citizens of the Municipality of Poggio Renatico, anyone interested in participating in the initiative must be a private individual above the age of 18 and located in Italy. They will be able to freely choose the amount of their investment, ranging from 100 euros to 5,000 euros, with a gross yearly return of 5.5 percent for residents of the Municipality of Poggio Renatico and 4.5 percent for non-residents.

Wim Raaijen
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