Ecowende works with Van Oord on Hollandse Kust West VI OWF


The Netherlands – Ecowende will work with Van Oord on the Hollandse Kust West VI offshore wind farm’s construction.

The environment and undersea life are being given special consideration during the construction of this wind farm, and any effects on the natural habitat of birds, bats, and other species must be kept to a minimum. Shell and Eneco have partnered to create Ecowende. Today the cooperation was revealed, and later this year the deal will be finalized.

The collaboration states that Van Oord will be in charge of the foundation’s transportation and installation. The design, supply, and installation of the cables connecting the wind turbines will also fall under the purview of the contractor. Last but not least, the business will also ship the wind turbines out to sea and install them there.


In order to prevent any environmental harm, a number of innovations are being used in this wind farm. For instance, Van Oord builds the park through several methods. For instance, the foundations are surrounded by special, environmentally friendly blocks. Additionally, Van Oord said that Ecowende will be one of the first projects to use its brand-new ship, Boreas. This vessel is methanol fuel capable. The business estimates that this might be used in 2025.

The Ecowende wind farm will be situated close to IJmuiden, 53 kilometers inland from the Dutch coast. It will be able to handle about 760 MW of installed power. The wind farm is expected to start producing in 2026.