The Crown Estate seeks feedback on surveys to boost Celtic Sea floating wind


Ireland – The Crown Estate is seeking input on how to expedite the benefits of floating wind technology in the Celtic Sea, with plans to fund and implement this new approach.

Over 50 developers have been asked for their thoughts on the pre-consent survey requirements. By assisting developers in their data collection processes, the Crown Estate hopes to provide an opportunity to develop a data collection program that could potentially cut project development timelines in half.

The engagement will seek feedback on datasets, methods, standards, and areas of focus that could help to speed up delivery. The surveys could include geophysical data, wind resource, seabed composition, and environmental factors, depending on feedback. The surveys will ensure that developments remain sensitive to the environment’s complex pressures as well as the needs of other marine industries.

The Crown Estate’s ring-fenced investment builds on previous collaboration with developers on such surveys as part of its new approach to bringing offshore wind technology to the UK and supporting the country’s net zero goals.

More engagement

The Crown Estate will seek input from marine stakeholders after developers have shared their perspectives and the results of the market engagement exercise have been compiled. Later this year, a final investment decision will be made.

Following a program of ongoing engagement with stakeholders, the Crown Estate will soon share an update on the areas of search for floating wind development in the Celtic Sea. In the coming months, more engagement will take place to guide further refinement of the areas of search into development sites, which will be considered as part of the integrated Habitats Regulations Assessment.