Reganosa will operate LNG terminal in Sardinia


Spain/Italy Reganosa will operate and maintain the first LNG-terminal in Sardinia (Italy). Whose construction in the port of Oristano, on the west of the island, is in its final phase. In this way, the Spanish company will manage up to three third-party LNG plants, in addition to the one it owns in Mugardos (Spain).

Higas S.r.l. has awarded Reganosa the operations and comprehensive maintenance contract of the new terminal of importation, storage, and distribution in Oristano. The facilities are expected to be operational in the first half of 2021.

The Higas terminal includes a jetty capable of receiving LNG vessel up to 20,000 cubic meters, an unloading arm, six horizontal cryogenic holding tanks (1,500 cbm each), two LNG truck loading bays, and a natural gas captive power generation system. The terminal can load in excess of 8,000 LNG trucks each year (some 180,000 tons), for subsequent distribution to smaller satellite stations across the island.

Clean alternative

Sardinia currently lacks a system of access to natural gas and only a small number of industrial customers receive LNG by truck which is brought to the island by ferry. The Higas terminal will provide Sardinia with LNG supply that is clean, affordable and reliable.

Higas provides local access to significantly cleaner fuel for cooking, heating and power generation. LNG emits up to 30% less CO2 and 99% less SOx & NOx compared to traditional fuels such as Heavy Fuel oil, Diesel & Coal.

International terminals

While growing in Spain and diversifying its business, opting for a green and digital economy, Reganosa has strengthened over the last few months its internationalization process. Shortly, it will also begin the operation and maintenance of a single plant in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The group either already manages or will manage imminently three kinds of LNG terminals: floating, that of Tema (Ghana); onshore, those of Mugardos and Oristano; and mixed, that of Delimara (Malta). These facilities have, moreover, a wide range of storage: from 9,000 to 300,000 cubic meters.

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