Anaergia to supply renewable liquified natural gas in Italy


Italy Anaergia has signed a contract with Agriferr, an Italian agricultural industry company, to supply its industry-leading organic waste treatment solutions.

For the first time ever, Anaergia will build Agriferr’s new plant with its first-ever renewable natural gas liquefaction system. On-site fueling stations and the Triton digester, as well as the company’s biogas upgrading system, will be installed by Anaergia. Anaergia has agreed to build and operate this facility for a period of four years under the terms of this agreement. By the end of 2022, this facility is expected to produce about 2,000 tons of liquid natural gas (LNG) per year.

“Italy is a European leader in the adoption of renewable energy, and an increasingly important market for Anaergia,” said Andrew Benedek, Anaergia’s Chairman and CEO.