VoltH2’s construction of Benelux Region large-scale green hydrogen plant approved


The Netherlands VoltH2 has received building and environmental permits for the first large-scale green hydrogen generation facility in the Benelux region.

VoltH2’s 25 MW green hydrogen plant, which is scalable up to 100 MW, can produce up to 3,500 tonnes of green hydrogen per year and is strategically located in the North Sea Port of Vlissingen, within an industrial cluster and close to existing high voltage power and gas infrastructure as well as large renewable power assets for the supply of green electrons (14,000 tonnes). Close to the facility, an access point for the planned European Hydrogen Backbone – a specialized hydrogen infrastructure crisscrossing Europe – will be built, giving instant access.

A second green hydrogen plant in Terneuzen, jointly constructed by VoltH2 and Virya Energy, is also in the advanced stages of permitting, with an initial capacity of 3,500 tonnes hydrogen per year and scalable up to 75 MW (10,500 tonnes). VoltH2 is growing its presence in Europe with new facilities in Belgium, France, and Germany, in addition to the United States.

Top engineering firm Sweco constructed green hydrogen plants in Vlissingen and Terneuzen for VoltH2, which will feature specialized hydrogen storage and access to multimodal distribution infrastructure.

According to VoltH2, North Sea Port and the Province of Zeeland have backed this groundbreaking effort, seeing green hydrogen infrastructure development as a critical component for future prosperity in the Port area.