Vallourec and H2V collaborate on green hydrogen


France – Vallourec and H2V, a subsidiary of the SAMFI-Invest group, have inked a strategic partnership agreement to harness the synergies between Vallourec’s technical expertise and H2V’s pioneering role in green hydrogen production, particularly in Marseille Fos.

The primary goal of this partnership is to foster a closer collaboration between Vallourec and H2V. The focus extends to exploring the integration potential of Vallourec’s Delphy storage solution with H2V’s green hydrogen projects. H2V has been a trailblazer in the large-scale production of green hydrogen since 2016.

Delphy storage solution

Vallourec’s Delphy storage solution, a key player in the hydrogen value chain, presents an innovative underground system capable of safely storing up to 100 tonnes of gaseous hydrogen. Designed for industrial applications and heavy mobility, Delphy enhances supply safety levels and cost efficiency for green hydrogen producers and users. This technology aligns with Vallourec’s commitment to driving global carbon reduction efforts.

The collaboration signifies Vallourec’s strategic entry into the hydrogen storage market and reinforces its position as a major contributor to the hydrogen value chain. The partnership aims to advance green hydrogen projects, contributing to the broader goal of a low-carbon economy. The integration of Delphy into H2V’s initiatives holds the potential to streamline hydrogen supply systems and address electricity supply constraints in the Marseille Fos industrial port basin.

Wim Raaijen
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