TES and EWE collaborate on 500MW electrolyzer in Wilhelmshaven


Germany – Tree Energy Solutions (TES) and EWE have agreed to collaborate on the construction of an electrolyzer in TES’ Green Energy Hub in Wilhelmshaven.

The electrolyzer will be installed and operational in 2028. The electrolyzer’s projected capacity is 500MW, with one more unit planned to bring the overall capacity to 1GW. This MoU is consistent with Germany’s strategic energy policy of developing sustainable energy generated by the North Sea and expanding hydrogen supply options. The signing demonstrates a shared commitment to ensuring national energy security as Germany continues to diversify its energy supply through renewable energy sources.

Strategic location

The Wilhelmshaven hub is strategically located on the North Sea coast and can host up to 2GW capacity electrolyzers powered by renewable energy sources such as offshore wind to manufacture green hydrogen locally. Synergies such as a shared grid connection or the use of oxygen in other green energy processes will benefit both TES and EWE.