Hynetwork pipelines for Rotterdam hydrogen network delivered


The Netherlands – Hynetwork pipelines for the Rotterdam hydrogen network have been built and delivered.

The purchasing procedure began a year ago “because the pipes are not on the shelf,” according to Hynetwork Services technical project supervisor Ronald Pieters. They are now ready for the next step in the Rotterdam hydrogen network’s realization: the predisposition.

The tubes were obtained using Hynetwork Services’ framework contracts. Mannesmann manufactured the tubes and proposed shipping them to the Netherlands via train. The tubes were delivered by train from the German town of Salzgitter to the Dutch town of Moerdijk. This indicates that the hydrogen tubes were produced and transported in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Next steps

When it comes to the production of natural gas pipes, Mannesmann has a long history. And Gasunie, Hynetwork Services’ parent business, has that experience when it comes to natural gas infrastructure construction.

The pipes were tested in the factory and inspected on-site. The development of the hydrogen pipeline at the Port of Rotterdam is the next step. The permit process is now ongoing, and the project is scheduled to begin in mid-2023.