Sunfire secures record hydrogen funding boost


Germany – German electrolyzer manufacturer Sunfire has concluded a Series E equity financing round, raising a substantial EUR 215 million.

The funding, complemented by a EUR 100 million term loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), positions Sunfire as one of the most well-capitalized electrolyzer manufacturers globally. New investors, including LGT Private Banking, GIC, Ahren Innovation Capital, and Carbon Equity, join existing shareholders in supporting Sunfire’s vision for industrial electrolyzer deployment at a substantial scale.

The company’s commitment to financial diversification is evident through securing a significant credit of up to EUR 100 million from the EIB. This financial support enhances Sunfire’s capacity to develop and industrialize solid oxide electrolyzers.

Sunfire’s technological edge

Sunfire’s pressurized alkaline and high-temperature solid oxide electrolysis technologies stand as key enablers in the shift towards renewable energy. These technologies offer scalability and efficiency in green hydrogen production, positioning Sunfire to install several gigawatts of electrolysis equipment by 2030.

With access to approximately EUR 200 million in previously approved grant funding, Sunfire emerges as one of the best-funded electrolyzer manufacturers.

Wim Raaijen
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