Study for green hydrogen plant starts at Maasvlakte


Uniper and Port of Rotterdam Authority are researching the potential for large scale green hydrogen production in Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte area.

The parties have the intention to construct a hydrogen plant at the Uniper site by 2025 with a capacity of 100MW and to increase this capacity to 500MW.

In the processing of green hydrogen, clean technology is used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. This is a mechanism called electrolysis. Maasvlakte is the best location for producing green hydrogen. Renewable power from offshore wind turbines can come here and numerous related installations are already available at the Uniper site.

Common Interest

Following the successful pre-qualification of the EU IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) program, the conceptual design and technological aspects of the new hydrogen plant will be established over the next few months. The future demand for renewable hydrogen, both in the port area of Rotterdam and in Germany, will be investigated. Supply to major industrial centers in North Rhine-Westphalia would also be feasible by pipelines in due course. The project team is also looking at alternatives for import, storage and export to Maasvlakte.


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