New eFuel to reduce emissions from shipping


Sweden Siemens Energy has joined the Power-to-Fuel developer to produce eFuel and enable reduction in carbon emissions from shipping.

Siemens Energy is providing an equity investment to Liquid Wind and will contribute technology and expertise to the development of eMethanol facilities.

eFuel to replace fossil fuel

Liquid Wind’s facilities will integrate a 70-Megawatt PEM-Electrolyzer by Siemens Energy, which will use renewable electricity to split water into green hydrogen and oxygen. The green hydrogen will be combined with biogenic CO2 to form carbon neutral liquid fuel. This eFuel will be used by the shipping industry to replace fossil fuels, preventing the emission of 100,000 tons of CO2 every year.

In addition to the PEM-Electrolyzer, Siemens Energy will also supply the entire power distribution, electrification, instrumentation, motors, drives and plant-wide automation. Digital tools will support the operation, optimization and replication of the standardized facilities.

Launch in 2024

With a construction time of approximately two years, the eMethanol is expected to be available from early 2024. The company is planning to scale up rapidly and is targeting the development of up to 500 standardized facilities internationally by 2050.

Wim Raaijen
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