RWE installing electrolyzer modules at hydrogen plant in Lingen


Germany – Following its arrival in Lower Saxony, RWE is installing electrolyzer modules at the pilot hydrogen plant in Lingen.

End of March saw the delivery of the Sunfire GmbH-produced electrolyzers to the project site.

Eight 10 MW pressurised alkaline electrolyzer modules, each weighing 15 tonnes, were transported to the location by articulated vehicles.

Plant opening

The facility is anticipated to open this autumn. It will be able to produce up to 290 kg of green hydrogen per hour using electricity from renewable sources. The hydrogen will be used as a fuel for turbines at the power plant or sent into a public hydrogen network as a climate-neutral alternative to gas.

In the future, it might also be used to fuel the hydrogen-capable gas turbine that RWE and Kawasaki want to build in Lingen as well as the mobility sector. In the near future, a 4 MW Linde PEM electrolyzer will be transported to a nearby building to complete the pilot plant.

The initiative will get €8 million in funding from the Lower Saxony state of Germany.